Soul Eater 6369 "POP! Vinyl Soul" Figure

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Soul Eater 6369 "POP! Vinyl Soul" Figure

Soul Eater 6369 "POP! Vinyl Soul" Figure

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what do you think about this? any feelings about that? are there any girls into NSFW figures out there somewhere? and to guys do you think it would be cool if there were more male NSFW figures, or would that not really interest you much? i personally like both male and female NSFW figures (the concept of both, that is) :-0 This fully colored art book contains official art drawn by Soul Eater and *Soul Eater Not!*’s original author, Atsushi Ohkubo. It features never before seen art revolving around the main characters from the Soul Eater series. This is the second art book of the series released by Atsushi Ohkubo. It focuses on a light color palette, making for a stark contrast to the original color scheme of the series. first of all, is it weird that I'm a girl (biologically female though I'm genderfluid and sometimes I experiment with gender) and I'm really interested in NSFW figures (especially from Japan)?

So, if I were to draw a sketch of death the kid in some way, possibly not fully clothed, in some cute/lewd outfit of sorts-- and if I were to send the sketch to a figure sculptor (who is comfortable doing NSFW figure sculpts), would that be possible? possibly? ahaha...Soul Eater is a manga series that is published by Square Enix and created by Atsushi Ohkubo. It was serialized in 2004 and ran until 2013. An anime adaptation consisting of 51 episodes ran between 2008 and 2009 and had an original story that diverged from the original manga at a certain point, as the manga was still on-going when the anime series was in production. As of 2020, the manga has sold over 18 million copies worldwide. The main duo consists of Maka Albarn, a Meister, and the Demon Weapon scythe named Soul “Eater” Evans who must fight a witch named Medusa, who instigates the Meister Chrona into killing and absorbing the souls of humans who aren’t evil with the help of her Weapon Ragnarok. A Meister who consumes a certain amount of human souls will eventually transform into a Kishin, or evil god. The anime adaptation of the manga ran for a total of 51 episodes, while the manga went on for a total of 25 volumes. While both follow roughly the same plot, the anime adaptation began to deviate from the original manga and ended up having a unique ending, as the manga had yet to finish by the time the anime series finished production. About Art Books so uh...i also wanted to ask another important question about this, does anyone know if there's a way to find an artist/sculptor who would do NSFW figure commissions? that would be super great. because my main goal is to somehow own a NSFW figure of death the kid. (blush) (as well as Liz and Patty...) (and possibly the other characters from soul eater too..if i have the money..ahaha..) so yea I'm thinking of possibly getting my own NSFW figure(?) (I'm a little nervous about people at home thinking I'm weird but I guess it doesn't matter haha) maybe Kuroneko from oreimo...I think there were some cute NSFW figures of her... Also does anyone know if there's a NSFW figure of the characters from Nichijou? like Mio or Yuuko. Nichijou isn't very popular anymore but I still like it. I know they made a Nendoroid of Nano and I think Hakase, so that's cool! if anyone has seen one before, please let me know thanks! I guess there's a possibility it might not even exist but I wanted to make sure haha.. I also really love Soul Eater and there aren't many figures of Soul Eater at all, there are a couple of official ones but damn I would love to see more figures of the Soul Eater characters... (and yes I would love to see NSFW Soul Eater figures too..!! that would be super great lol)

image is slightly NSFW too, not fully nude but some exposed areas, wish they'd make more fully nude figures too ahaha...) different video game adaptations from the manga have been released by Square Enix for Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo DS. Additionally, a manga spin-off set in the same universe as Soul Eater called Soul Eater Not! was written and illustrated by the same author (Atsushi Ohkubo) and serialized in 2011 by the Square Enix owned magazine, Monthly Shounen Gagan. The manga focuses on events that happened before the Soul Eater manga. An anime adaptation of Soul Eater Not! was aired simultaneously in Japan and North America between April and July 2014.

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