TePe Angle Red Interdental Brushes (0.5mm - Size 2) / Easy and simple interspace cleaning with long handle and angled neck / 1 x 6 brushes

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TePe Angle Red Interdental Brushes (0.5mm - Size 2) / Easy and simple interspace cleaning with long handle and angled neck / 1 x 6 brushes

TePe Angle Red Interdental Brushes (0.5mm - Size 2) / Easy and simple interspace cleaning with long handle and angled neck / 1 x 6 brushes

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Prices are slightly higher than most plastic brushes, as is often the case with environmentally-friendly alternatives, but they are not prohibitively expensive. This will protect your brushes if you are going on a longer trip. It is also useful for holding multiple sizes if you need more than one size TePe.

I have only had hands on with a couple of brands. They have shorter bristles and do feel softer to touch. Be aware that the difference in bristle length may make them less effective at plaque removal compared to the regular version of the same size. Why are my gums bleeding when cleaning? The best time to clean between your teeth is in the evening. This way, you know that there is no food left between your teeth while you sleep (a common cause of bad morning breath). However, if the morning suits you better, the important thing is that you're doing it at least once a day. Should you use interdental brushes before or after brushing? TePe Angle Interdental Brush is the new addition to the popular range of TePe interdental brushes, and is designed to facilitate daily use.

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TePe Interdental brushes. The straight brushes come in 9 sizes, with 6 options for extra soft bristles. The angled brushes come in 6 different sizes. There is no evidence to suggest you will get any benefits from using toothpaste on your interdental brushes on a daily basis. With hands-on testing I have found the Piksters extra fine/00 (pink) and ICON white/00 to be much better for narrow gaps. I have tested these interdental brushes. The straight part of the handle is smooth, whilst the tapered end is slightly rougher (which can cause mild irritation to the lips, something I have found with almost all bamboo products, and which isn’t a long term problem as it usually stops after a few days). The products come in a range of colours and these colours correlate to the different sized brushes, to make it simpler for you to know and select the right ones.

Floss is the most widely known interdental cleaning aid. It is not as effective as using interdental brushes, but may be the only option for very tight gaps. You can find out more in our article about the best floss. Razoko Interdental brush. These come in two boxes of 72. There are 4 sizes, and every brush comes with its own cap. The Oral Prevent brushes are made in Germany, and are fairly standard in terms of use. But they are easier to grip than TePe and other brands due to the “smart grip” handle being slightly larger. The regular brushes come supplied with a clear cap that fits over the brush head to protect it if required. This is particularly useful when travelling.TePe are the most widely known and easily available. They come in a wide range of sizes and different handle lengths, and have made some changes to reduce the environmental impact of their range.

Your dental professional is the only person who can do this risk assessment for you, but we have some more guidance in this article. The Bamboo Piksters angled brushes are a reasonable quality. Although the handles are made of bamboo and sound more environmentally friendly than a plastic option, there is conflicting evidence about this. I discuss issues with bamboo in my articles on the bamboo electric toothbrushes and the most eco-friendly manual toothbrushes. Essentially though, don’t feel that these are automatically better than the TePe Angle brushes, just because they are made of bamboo. The handles and caps are made of hard plastic (which is not specified by the manufacturer). The cap doubles up as a handle extension.

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In some cases, interdental brushes are available without a handle. There is less waste produced with these. However, they can be difficult to handle, depending on your manual dexterity. Examples include: They have a dedication to the product’s design and production, to their customers and to the community. Bend the wire at an angle (use a brush with a flexible head to reduce the likelihood of the wire breaking) You should use your interdental brush to clean between teeth in this way once a day, while still brushing in the normal way twice a day. See our teeth-brushing guide for more about how to brush your teeth properly. Most people would agree that the Jordan brand is by far the best (sturdy yet flexible wood, more choices of size)

You will likely still need straight interdental brushes in addition to these, because it can be difficult to clean the front teeth with an angled interdental brush. Using the brushes before toothbrushing means you do not wipe away the toothpaste in between your teeth. Do I still need to floss? Using interdental cleaners between the teeth helps reaches the 40% of tooth surface missed when cleaning with a toothbrush. A completely different option would be to invest in a water flosser, an electronic device which shoots a high-powered jet of water to clean between the teeth (think of it like an electric interdental brush). Are they as effective as manual interdental brushing or flossing? Perhaps not quite, but the big brands like Philips and Oral-B are improving their technology all the time. An added bonus is that they are much less fiddly to use, so you're more likely to keep up daily use.All sizes and models of TePe s inter dental brushes have plastic coating on the wire for safe and gentle cleaning. There are only 6 sizes available. They follow the same colour scheme as the original brushes, except these are a pastel version of the colours. Do your gums hurt after using interdental brushes? It's normal for your gums to bleed a little when you first start using them. This is a sign of early gum disease (gingivitis), but your new cleaning habits will help improve your gum health. Keep up your brushing for a few days, and the bleeding should subside. The plastic used is bio-based plastic – a castor oil based polyethylene. This PET is easily recycled once you remove the wire and bristle part of the brush. The TePe product range

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