Moondrop Starfield IEMs Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm Dynamic Earphone

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Moondrop Starfield IEMs Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm Dynamic Earphone

Moondrop Starfield IEMs Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm Dynamic Earphone

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Despite that if you’re sure that this is what you want — go right ahead and pay no heed to my cynical thoughts. In my opinion, because it is such a small universal IEM, this should fit the majority of general consumers exceptionally well. They gained immense popularity in 2017 after their release of Kannas Pro and the budget oriented Starfields early this year. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or problems with the courier of your shipment, please feel free to submit a support ticket via the "Contact Us" button below. They have excellent resolution, but treble roll off is rather quick and you do miss some macro-details.

If an item weighs more than 9 pounds, we won’t be able to ship to these addresses because of our current courier agreements. Treble is too boosted on the Tin T4 with distracting peaks in lower treble while the Moondrop Starfield goes the opposite way and opts for an early roll-off. I love gears with midcentric to flat sound signature as I really love listening to vocals rather than instruments. You can see from the component view screen shot that there’s a magnet and voice coil which are found in DDs but not in thermoacoustics. Nonetheless due to its harman tuning (Warm and Smooth) I'd suggest to use it with a neutral or bright source to balanced out its tonality, nonetheless its natural characteristic won't change even change sources, it still packs natural timbre with very good overall smoothness.Although the bass doesn’t always give the grunt needed to feel the song, the mid-range and treble is controlled, delicate and represented so well, therefore making songs sound so natural, which is an absolute joy to listen to. The seam isn’t perfectly flush at the recessed 2-pin socket, although this may have been intentional for some reason I can’t fathom. As a result, the SE215m+SPE are a warm, punchy, dark and smooth easy listen whereas the Starfield focus more on midrange and treble neutraliny and linearity with a good bit of increasing boost towards the sub-bass. It really sounds quite good through the Hiby R6 portable music player and with just a little EQ and throttling of the low end, you can boost up the bass quantity a bit. Something like the Hidizs AP80 series is right on track with quality for this Starfield, maybe even the Hiby R3 and R5 are capable of maxing out the quality of this IEM, at least, in my opinion.

MOONDROP's flagship IEMs have good reputation too, both the Blessing and A8 have very good reviews from reviewers and users as well. So songs with fast paced tempo and vocals will not sound rushed with Starfield, but instead deliver it fast without losing details. Mid-bass bleed is well controlled so the details are still intact and not overshadowed by the mid-bass bleed.The paint definitely steals the show with these IEMs and are for many, as it was for me, a big draw to the IEM since it looks so different than many of the other models. This for me is an issue because sometimes older Jazz recordings have a hiss in the background, but thankfully, the Starfield doesn’t exaggerate that and bring it out into my eyeballs, full force. If you want something more pure and clean feeling, but with excellent density factor in tonality and presentation, then this is for you. It's a sacrifice I'd be willing to make, partially due to the frequency response as well, which I discuss later on. MoonDrop was formally established in 2015, and from the beginning, they have remained focused solely on the design and creation of IEMs and earbuds.

This pairing has really good imaging, layeri I play with the notion that a visually complex and colorful exterior print will pass into midnight and reveal a more simple and stunning “starfield” design afterward. I’m a fan of the Sennheiser HD650 and Audeze LCD-2 kind of sound, which tends towards excellent midrange, slightly rolled-off highs and respectable low end.The main deviation would be in the bass which slopes out further, lending some extra note-weight to male vocals (not at all a bad thing); the Harman target is a good deal more incisive at around 200hZ by comparison. An example of this is each instrument has its own space, allowing them to feel as the mastered track it is, making it clear that each instrument is in different places.

MOONDROP has been making audio gears since 2015, they became quite popular in 2019 due to their Kanas line up but i personally liked the Nameless when I bought it in 2018, it is very underrated and it features a very clean tonality.

Transient attack is fairly soft - there's no way around it - and dynamic slam is pretty lackluster with an oft-cited "pillowy-ness" to the way hits are articulated. Namely, MoonDrop wasn’t satisfied naming theses pretty IEM solely with a random assortment of numbers, letters, and hyphens. I feel people with bigger ear canals will find them even more comfortable than I do, even though I find them very comfortable myself.

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